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October 19, 2016

The concept of Yin and Yang was first introduced to the western world via eastern philosophies. Yin and Yang qualities are found in everything. They are opposing and yet complimentary forces that make up the whole. For example, day and night, they are opposite to each other, yet one cannot exist without the other. How do we determine if something is Yin or Yang? That is relative. For example, Water is Yin relative to Steam yet Water is Yang relative to Ice.  The theory of Yin and Yang tells us that everything is working towards balance. Everything in the universe works towards equilibrium.    

Finding an equilibrium of Yin and Yang in life seems to be one of the biggest challenges we all face as human beings.

We live mainly in a fast, yang focussed world and it's interesting to note that we are often drawn to activities that have more of a yang or heating effect on the body rather than investing time in activities that are more yin in nature. Yin activities...

How is self care defined? Is it being kind, nurturing and loving to yourself and treating yourself the same way you would treat another loved one? I think we all have our own definition for self care. For me it means building a better relationship with myself so that I am better able to relate to the world around me.  When I am caring for my needs, I am in turn also caring for the needs of my own personal world.

There are many varied ways to follow the path of self care and the key for me is to find pursuits that resonate personal joy for yourself. One avenue to self care is to make time for daily creative pursuits. Connecting to our creativity not only brings about a sense of lightheartedness, it also connects us to the present moment, our intuition and heightens our other sensory perceptions. Filling up our vessels with mindful pursuits reminds us that we are human beings, rather than human doings. When we are immersed in pursuits that light us up as individuals, the co...

May 18, 2015



Health and vitality are important for everyday life and are things we take for granted until our bodies tell us otherwise. How we keep our personal health bank balance in credit depends on the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. The body is an amazing machine but like a car, if it doesn't get regular attention and a regular oil and grease, it won't go well forever.


The following are some health tips and advice to help keep your personal health bank balance in credit.


Eating a diet rich in Vit. B's, and Folic Acid are important for supporting the nervous system. In today's world most of us suffer to a lesser or greater degree from adrenal fatigue which makes it even more important to support the adrenal glands and the nervous system with good food, supplements and adequate sleep. Magnesium helps to support the muscles of the body, Turmeric is a wonderful anti-oxidant and fermented Fish Oils support the joints of the body and help with the healthy functioning of the brain. Kelp...

May 15, 2015

Longevity seems to be ingrained into our Western culture and many of us are looking for wonderful cures to starve off the age related issues like wrinkles, balding, excess fat and creaky joints. Sure we can invest in Botox injections or plastic surgery proceedures to smooooth out all the lines and lii^ift the droops that gravity create however aging does happen to all of us. Youthful beauty really is a mindset and if we are willing to dance the tune that modern western society demands of us then superficial happiness can be ours, for a price. The preconceived idea we are sold every day in advertising is that females must always look gorgeous, youth-like, commanding yet submissive and confident in their bodies. In reality, the majority of us have bad hair days too often and we are not happy within ourselves.


Age is but a number and we often do not feel as old as we are chronologically. A women's perspective of herself...

February 20, 2015

Teenage health investment routines for a healthy body and a glowing skin

The teenage years are vital for putting down good building blocks and creating healthy routines for the future. Investing in your own personal health now is like having a fantastic superannuation portfolio for the later years. Good health care means feeding your body, mind and spirit with wholesome foods and pursuits. Think of your whole body as a piece of clothing that needs regular loving care and maintenance.

For holistic health, the whole body requires a well- balanced lifestyle. This includes such things as:

- A wholesome, balanced diet with fats, carbs and protein.

- Plenty of filtered water.

- Regular exercise that you enjoy (this may be dancing or skateboarding).

- Good sleeping habits.

- An emotional support system from friends and family who are there for you, no matter what.

- Pursuits of things that really make you happy.

- And finally yet probably most importantly, the practice of self- love.

The skin...

February 2, 2015




The skin is a fascinating organ! It encases the body structure and protects the inner organs, bones, joints and muscles etc. from damage. It's the largest organ of the body, assisting in self-regulating the temperature of the body by sweating or forming goose bumps and it's a sensory organ, protecting the inner and outer body from danger or changes in the environment via a mass of nerve fibres that run along the surface of the skin.

Healthy skin requires fresh air, water, sunshine, nourishment and protection to keep a healthy equilibrium. The needs of the skin for different parts of the body require different care and attention and for that reason, good skin care products are necessary for maintaining a well-balanced skin. What you are doing now will determine how well the skin ages in the future.

The facial skin which is often finer than that on the body and which is often exposed to the external elements like the sun and wind causing pre-mature aging of the skin, needs to have e...

January 27, 2015

To maintain a healthy life style, it is vital to maintain good foot health. Believe it or not, a quarter of all the bones in the body are contained in the feet, 52 bones in total! The feet are incredib...le in that they are able to flex, point, turn in and turn out. They allow us to get from place to place and connect us to the earth. There are dozens of reflex points on our feet and having a regular reflexology session or taking a walk bare foot is excellent for maintaining good health. The journal article:
demonstrates this fact very well.
What we wear on our feet also has a huge impact on our overall health. Tight, ill-fitting shoes can result in a number of foot problems like bunions or flattened aches that can also lead to other issues like postural problems. If the shoe is too uncomfortable, it’s like wearing a grimace all over the body. I’m sure we all have h...

December 11, 2014

More and more of us are spending many hours sitting in front of a laptop screen either at work or at home, or both. Our bodies are not built to be sedentary and ideally we are designed to use all of the muscles in our bodies. Interestingly enough we do adapt to new environments but we can also make it easier on our bodies by taking regular breaks away from our work stations, stretching regularly, eating lunch away from our desks in a quiet location and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


Encouraging business owners to look after their staff and preventing possible sick days by offering on-site massage in the office environment is a growing trend and is refreshing to note. Fresh Therapy Corporate Massage offers on site massage in the work environment. Their contact is:




Dale Grust is a therapeutic massage therapist and he suggests the following techniques to help reduce stress at work.

Massage Therapy...

December 1, 2014

It's interesting to note in today's busy world that we are often drawn to activities that have more of a yang or heating effect on the body rather than investing time in activities that are more yin in nature. Yin activities cool and slow down the metabolism whist having a calming effect on the whole body. Think of eating yoghurt or cucumbers to cool the effects in your mouth of a hot spicy curry, they both compliment and balance each other!

The definition to relaxation means something different to all of us yet it is something we all need to invest in for a healthy state of being in our ever increasing frantic world that we live in. For some of us meditative exercise such as lap swimming or long distance running challenge the physical body whist at the same time they help to put life back into perspective again. Whist these yang activities do bring about a sense of balance in life, finding time to flop and completely let go also puts life back into perspective again....

October 11, 2014

Sunscreens are a big part of life when you live in a sun drenched country like Australia. To prevent pre-mature aging of the skin and the sun spots that may lead to cancer, sun blocks have been encouraged to be worn daily before going outside.

As sun blocks have developed over the years, so has the research both supporting and questioning the side-effects of the daily use of sun blocks. Recent research has discovered that the minute chemical particles used as the ingredients in the sun block may disrupt the endocrinal system of the body and may cause other health issues. It's also interesting to note that many Australians are depleted in Vitamin D, a necessary vitamin used by the body to assist with calcium metabolism.

Whist it is extremely important to protect the skin from sunburn and sun damage there are ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin D without compromising your skin and absorbing too many of the chemical compounds in sun blocks.
Covering the skin with light cotton clothin...

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