New Year resolutions and routines: Health tips for Teenage Skin Care

Teenage health investment routines for a healthy body and a glowing skin The teenage years are vital for putting down good building blocks and creating healthy routines for the future. Investing in your own personal health now is like having a fantastic superannuation portfolio for the later years. Good health care means feeding your body, mind and spirit with wholesome foods and pursuits. Think of your whole body as a piece of clothing that needs regular loving care and maintenance. For holistic health, the whole body requires a well- balanced lifestyle. This includes such things as: - A wholesome, balanced diet with fats, carbs and protein. - Plenty of filtered water. - Regular exercise th


The skin is a fascinating organ! It encases the body structure and protects the inner organs, bones, joints and muscles etc. from damage. It's the largest organ of the body, assisting in self-regulating the temperature of the body by sweating or forming goose bumps and it's a sensory organ, protecting the inner and outer body from danger or changes in the environment via a mass of nerve fibres that run along the surface of the skin. Healthy skin requires fresh air, water, sunshine, nourishment and protection to keep a healthy equilibrium. The needs of the skin for different parts of the body require different care and attention and for that reason, good skin care products are necessary for

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