My Community


Community is an important concept for me. We all need to be supported and nurtured by others around us who are on the same wave lenght as well as we supporting them. Here are some of the people from my community.


Inspire YW






Embrace Life Live Life


Your Second Act

The Creative Space


As the earth energy shifts finding a new equlibrium and rebirths into a new phase, lots of the old patterns and belief systems are being removed and  recycled. During these times of challenge, community networks offers support and encouragement to further help us as individuals to step up and live our own truths.  We are being asked as human beings to listen and work from our heart spaces, rather than only from our minds and the following quote embodies that for me.


Don’t be afraid anymore, release your heart, release it to the world, magic really will happen when you do. Don’t keep us locked away, keep us free, keep us balancing on the edge of life, for that is where we will serve you most. Talk to us more, wear us more, and know that when you follow your heart, good things always happen.”