Thank you for taking time to read my story to learn more about the intention I wish to create in the therapy room for you to experience.

I have worked in the health and spa industry for over 30 years and am diploma trained in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, massage therapy and art therapy. Travel opportunities in different countries for vocational and exploration purposes have provided me with invaluable life experiences that have enabled me to live and breathe different cultures whist enhancing my personal style of holistic therapy and shaping my world. Volunteering in community based organisations have also helped shape and colour my world and heightened my sense of empathy for others. My business focus is on women's health and wellbeing which includes educating teenagers and young women in how to care for their skin with natural skin care routines. My hand crafted skin care range is for all skin types and can be personalised to your skin needs.


My personal holistic health path has inspired me to offer holistic face and body therapy treatments in a safe and caring environment for you to unwind, relax and rebalanace.  You deserve to experience the healing sanctuary that allows you the opportunity to fill up your own personal vessel and to nurture yourself.


Growing my business from seed into something that really embodies my full truth is an on-going challenge and asking for help when needed is a learning curve for me.  My biggest challenges in life have been stepping into my full potential with trust and confidence without being overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown and being able to voice my personal truth with empathy. 


It would be a great pleasure to meet you and offer you some valuable me-time. 


In Good Health and Well Being,