PUT YOUR BEST FEET FORWARD To maintain a healthy life style, it is vital to maintain good foot health. Believe it or not, a quarter of all the bones in the body are contained in the feet, 52 bones in total! The feet are incredib...le in that they are able to flex, point, turn in and turn out. They allow us to get from place to place and connect us to the earth. There are dozens of reflex points on our feet and having a regular reflexology session or taking a walk bare foot is excellent for maintaining good health. The journal article: demonstrates this fact very well. What we wear on our feet also has a huge impact on our overall health. Tight, ill-fitting shoes can result in a number of foot problems like bunions or flattened aches that can also lead to other issues like postural problems. If the shoe is too uncomfortable, it’s like wearing a grimace all over the body. I’m sure we all have had vivid memories of wearing uncomfortable stilettos. The shoe may look beautiful in the shop window but after a night out of wearing them, our blistered feet sure ain’t beautiful.

Some tips for maintain good foot health. 1. Wash feet daily and dry them well! Remove all dirt from the feet with soap and water and use a nail brush where necessary around the nail bed. Dry the feet well and ensure moisture is removed from between the toes to prevent the spread of fungal diseases. Wear flip flops in communal areas to prevent catching such things as Athlete’s Foot or Verruca’s. Change socks daily to prevent smelly feet. 2. Cut toenails carefully and remove dead skin build up. Remove dead skin cells with a foot buffing file rather than a razor and cut the toenails straight across rather than down each side to prevent in-grown toenails. 3. Shop for new shoes in the afternoon. The feet are normally slightly swollen in the afternoon and this is a good time to invest in shoes that are more comfortable for the feet. 4. Wear well fitting shoes for the correct occasion. As an example, wear well fitting sports shoes when doing exercises rather than sandles. Ideally, limit time to wearing high heels and remember that flip flops do not offer a great deal of support to the feet if worn all the time. As a suggestion, wear comfortable shoes to and from work and put the high heels on when at work. 5. Walk barefoot on the beach or dewy grass daily. Walking barefoot creates a connection with the earth’s natural rhythms 6. Massage the feet daily with a Foot Balm. A foot cream beside the bed and applying it to the feet at night before sleep is great nourishment for the foot skin. Also, rolling a tennis ball around the sole of the foot is a great way to reduce tension in the feet. 7. Balancing Yoga poses helps strengthen the muscles in the feet. As well as strengthening the feet muscles, balancing yoga poses also improves alignment, concentration and calm in the body and mind as well as helping the bones to retain calcium. SIMPLE FOOT EXERCISES (COURTESY OF HANSAPLAST) Interlace fingers between toes Sit on a chair, cross legs and hold one foot with the hand opposite to it. Interlace fingers between your toes and spread toes. Repeat on other foot. This stretches the muscles of the toes. As our toes are not used to this movement, this may be challenging at first, so don’t be discouraged. Rotation on the ball of the foot While standing with a straight back, put the right leg behind you and your right foot back on your toes, pressing them into the floor while bringing your right heel up at the same time. The arch of the foot will be contracted now. Perform a full circle with your foot. Go in both directions. Alternate legs. This exercise brings a lot of blood flow and energy into the feet, will improve flexibility and help you maintain balance. Crouches on toes. Position yourself crouched, hands underneath your shoulders, sitting on heels. Elevate your body weight on the toes. From here, lower heels again and repeat about ten times. This will stretch and strengthen the foot and ankle muscles and stabilise legs while maintaining mobility in the ankle and foot joints.


Foot Balm

Melt together in a double boiler:

10gms Cocobutter

1 tbsp Beeswax

2 tbsp Coconut Oil

1 tbsp Shea Butter

1 tbsp Almond Oil.

Cool and add:

1/4 tsp Vit. E

10 drops of your chosen essential oils.

Bottle in a glass jar and use regularly on the feet. Enjoy!


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