The skin is a fascinating organ! It encases the body structure and protects the inner organs, bones, joints and muscles etc. from damage. It's the largest organ of the body, assisting in self-regulating the temperature of the body by sweating or forming goose bumps and it's a sensory organ, protecting the inner and outer body from danger or changes in the environment via a mass of nerve fibres that run along the surface of the skin. Healthy skin requires fresh air, water, sunshine, nourishment and protection to keep a healthy equilibrium. The needs of the skin for different parts of the body require different care and attention and for that reason, good skin care products are necessary for maintaining a well-balanced skin. What you are doing now will determine how well the skin ages in the future. The facial skin which is often finer than that on the body and which is often exposed to the external elements like the sun and wind causing pre-mature aging of the skin, needs to have extra protection than other parts of the body. Just as the skin on the face is different from the skin on the body, the skin around the eyes is also very unique and requires it's own set of care and maintenance. Hats, creams and length of sun exposure all play a part in protecting the facial and body skin. In today's world we seem to be obsessed with aging. It's interesting to observe mature people who have a smooth line-free face paired with a middle aged body and personality of an older person. The expression lines on one's face are a road map of the life journey the individual has lived. Investing in anti-aging routines like yoga or other exercise, eating as much as possible a balanced preservative/chemical-free diet, restricting alcohol intake, not smoking, investing in happiness pursuits and using good skin care are some of the ways to slow down the aging process. Tampering with facial surgical procedures especially during your teens and 20's is not advisable as the skin is still in its early years of development. The injectables work as a temporary measure to boost instant gratification yet they can also become a slippery slope of discontent to the way we want to look. I'm wondering if is it truly ideal for the human face to morph into something that is almost alien?

Preventative anti-aging skin care products and routines include:

- removing make up properly before going to bed.

- using an oil-based eye make-up remover to gently remove eye make up.

- using a serum under the day and night treatment cream.

- massaging the treatment cream into the skin, concentrating on the expression lines on the face.

- using an eye cream and gently massaging it into the skin under the eyes using circular motions around the orbital bone.

- using an exfoliant and mask regularly as part of the home care regime for the facial skin.

- wearing foundation or a tinted moisturiser with a sun factor on a daily basis.

- wearing a hat when outdoors and keeping sun exposure to a minimum during the hours of 11am-4pm in the summertime.

- investing in a regular monthly professional facial treatment. A professional 1 hour facial includes: - deep cleansing of the skin, often with active ingredients like BHA's to assist in boosting the circulation and buffing the skin of dead skin cells. - exfoliation of the skin - steaming of the skin to cleanse and hydrate the skin - massage of the face, neck and shoulders which stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, relaxes the muscle fibres and refines the skin. - mask and finishing products. Having a regular facial not only assists with the general health of the skin, it is also a relaxing experience on a holistic level. As women in particular, we are often very good at nurturing others yet we forget to nurture ourselves. It is important to acknowledge that giving and receiving is a natural order of life and by participating in both, you are investing in yourself for your future health and well-being and for the health of humanity. See More

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