Investment in a Bank Balance for Holistic Health: Natural health alternatives and skin care products

Health and vitality are important for everyday life and are things we take for granted until our bodies tell us otherwise. How we keep our personal health bank balance in credit depends on the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. The body is an amazing machine but like a car, if it doesn't get regular attention and a regular oil and grease, it won't go well forever.

The following are some health tips and advice to help keep your personal health bank balance in credit.

Eating a diet rich in Vit. B's, and Folic Acid are important for supporting the nervous system. In today's world most of us suffer to a lesser or greater degree from adrenal fatigue which makes it even more important to support the adrenal glands and the nervous system with good food, supplements and adequate sleep. Magnesium helps to support the muscles of the body, Turmeric is a wonderful anti-oxidant and fermented Fish Oils support the joints of the body and help with the healthy functioning of the brain. Kelp and other seaweed products supply the body with Iodine, an important supplement for the Thyroid gland and Vit C is a good all-rounder if the immune system is feeling compromised. Fermented products such as Kefir, Komboutcha and Sauerkraut are important for the micro bacterial activity of the gut. Research is beginning to show that the intestines are the second brain of the body and that without healthy gut flora the proper digestion and assimilation of the essential life forces from food and liquids will have a compromising effect on the health. Recent reserach has also indicated that healthy micro bacterial in the body assists with mental health and with the correct micro bacterial activity, may help with chronic depression. If the gut flora is compromised then we will only be functioning in a compromised body system.

Another interesting health factor to consider is the placebo effect. The conscious and subconscious mind is more powerful that we can imagine and we are slowly beginning to grasp this fact. Consciously feeding our mind with liberating and healthy thoughts frees us from a limited lifestyle and if we believe emphatically that something will heal us it most probably will, sugar pill or otherwise.

Breath, as the Eastern physicians have known for thousands of years, is the gateway to health and longevity. By breathing fully and deeply using all of our lungs capacity we are bringing in the natural life force that surrounds and supports us and this too has subtle effect on all of the systems of the body.

The hidden health hazards we may not be aware of are such things as how much pollution we absorb on a daily basis, where these heavy metals may be stored for life in our bodies and how wi-fi interferes with our daily functions. In the modern world, It's really tricky to cut out all contact with these pollutants and unless we all lived in a caves somewhere, we need to find other ways to deal with the pollotant excesses that bombard us daily. Wi-Fi research is still a relatively new phenomenon and the following report contains some information on how to protect yourself and your family from excessive radiation contact.

Heavy metals are stored in the body organs and over a long period of time can cause disease and fatigue. By adding such things as Coriander (Cilantro) and Chlorella to the diet chelating of the toxins can take place. Exercise and deep relaxing rest is also important however there is still a lot to be learnt from research into this field.

Proper sleep and moments that still the mind are necessay to stay fit and well and keep the bank balance in credit. It's important to give the body and mind a cooling down period before going to bed. Activities like having a bath, reading a book, doing some gentle exercise e.g. yoga or meditating may be some of the ways we can slow down and prepare for a good night's sleep. Keeping the phone and the TV out of the bedroom also helps.

We exercise for different reasons. It may be to feel good, get fit, loose weight, be with our tribe, network or to have some soul time in nature. Whatever the reason, it's important to make time on a regular basis to keep that contract with ourselves and to also find the right type of exercise that appeals to us individually.

The majority of us know what we need to be doing daily to maintain good health. The phrase "pay the grocer rather than the doctor" is one we are beginning to apply to daily life. Having a regular monthly treatment that fills up our own vessel and "oils and greases" us on a holistic level is another important factor when considering our personal health bank balance. This is guilt free therapy that is vital, particularly for females who are great giving out to others yet often put their own needs second.

The advice provided is merely a few health tips from the wellness iceberg and there is literally tons of advice out there. As we are all students of life, we all find our own personal ways to explore, gather our own truth medicine and apply it to life when needed. Like our ancestors we are explorers and adventurers but instead of exploring other unknown continents in the world, we are exploring far away galaxies within ourselves.

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