Using Creativity for Self Care Practices

Self Care is not Selfish.

How is self care defined? Is it being kind, nurturing and loving to yourself and treating yourself the same way you would treat another loved one? I think we all have our own definition for self care. For me it means building a better relationship with myself so that I am better able to relate to the world around me. When I am caring for my needs, I am in turn also caring for the needs of my own personal world.

There are many varied ways to follow the path of self care and the key for me is to find pursuits that resonate personal joy for yourself. One avenue to self care is to make time for daily creative pursuits. Connecting to our creativity not only brings about a sense of lightheartedness, it also connects us to the present moment, our intuition and heightens our other sensory perceptions. Filling up our vessels with mindful pursuits reminds us that we are human beings, rather than human doings. When we are immersed in pursuits that light us up as individuals, the concept of time does not really exist because we are creating the present moment and time is not important. By filling up our vessels with creativity, we are filling ourselves up with amazing energy and inspiration and opening up our paths of perception. Things that may have been an issue will suddenly appear to have a solution because we are seeing the challenge from another angle.

I believe we are all creative beings, it may just take time to remind ourselves how to be creative. By remembering the things we loved to do as a child can sometimes help spark off the creative juices. Did you love to build things, make up stories, dance and play music, play games with your friends, or maybe be the child on the swing? Our inner child will often lead us to where the creative magic lies. The key once again is to find things that you love to do and then make them a priority in your life.

Rituals in self care makes happier, healthier peopIe who are willing to help others in their community. By treating ourselves the way we would like to be treated, we are helping humankind to live more in harmony with each other.

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